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Why Travel Overseas For Medical Care through Medical Tourism?

At this point you might ask: why would someone fly halfway around the world for a medical procedure? Why go through all the trouble of finding a doctor and hospital in Costa Rica, India or Thailand if there is great medical care available in the U.S. and Canada?

No one will doubt that the U.S. and Canada boast some of the world’s best physicians and medical facilities. So much so that for years many foreign doctors have come to train at our universities and hospitals in order to learn the latest techniques and to have access to cutting-edge technology.

However, the fact that each year more and more people are traveling abroad for medical care goes to show a simple truth: it does no good to have a dazzling Porsche parked in your garage if you don’t have access to the keys. For the nearly fifty million uninsured Americans who can’t afford quality healthcare, the keys to the Porsche might as well be locked in a concrete box at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean. By offering low-cost healthcare at top-quality international hospitals, Medical Tourism gives you the keys to the Porsche (or at least makes them much more accessible).