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What are the Disadvantages of using a Medical Tourism Facilitator?

Quality of service may vary greatly from one Medical Tourism Facilitator to another:

Medical tourism facilitators come in all shapes and sizes, and, looking at their websites, it is difficult to accurately determine the real scope and quality of the services offered. As with most emerging industries, there will be a multitude of companies – some little more than one man operations, promising the world, without a regulatory entity making sure they deliver the goods. The internet only amplifies this problem as one website looks as good as another.

Bias towards certain hospitals and destinations:

Obviously medical tourism facilitators do not have the time or resources to visit every medical tourism destination or work with thirty different international hospitals. They must choose wisely from a limited number – always described as “the best”. Naturally, you will be directed to these hospitals and not others – even if they aren’t necessarily the best hospitals for your particular needs.

Having a third party increases the chance of miscommunication:

Though perhaps not a big concern in most people’s minds, using an intermediary will always increase the risk of an error or misinformation occurring between both parties. Something as seemingly innocuous as mistaking kilos for pounds in a medical tourism patient’s weight information, could lead to the surgery being postponed or even cancelled. To reduce the likelihood of an error, make sure that any important information that is communicated over the phone is also sent in writing. Then double check with the medical tourism facilitator that all faxed or scanned documents are legible.

You may have to pay more:

Medical tourism facilitators offer a lot of convenience but do need to make their money somewhere. This will usually come from a hospital commission, service charge (concierge fee), or both. One way or another, these fees do have a way of trickling down to the medical tourism patient no matter what the medical tourism facilitator or hospital may say.

Should I pay my medical tourism facilitator or the hospital for my medical tourism trip?

This will depend on the policy of the hospital and facilitator. Some facilitators will request an advance deposit and ask that you pay the balance at the hospital. Others will have you pay the hospital directly.